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Welcome to LoL Madness! - Season One Championship Bracket Contest

LoL Madness! is a site dedicated to League of Legends E-Sports fans. Here, you can predict which teams will win Season One this year at Dreamhack, and enter your prediction into our competition (for free) to win Riot Points!

UPDATED RULES: Riot announced a tournament format that we didn't expect and thus we had to make a decision on how to handle the picks that everyone had made, in order to score the contest. The decision we have made is that we will score the picks as they apply to the game they were named for: round robin seeds 1 and 2, semi finals winner 1 and 2 and the ultimate tournament champion. This will cause a little disorientation in the way the bracket looks, but we still feel it's an accurate representation of how the players intended to pick (e.g. if you didn't choose FnaticMSI to go on to the semi-finals through round-robin placement, it's highly unlikely you were going to vote for them in the semi-finals.) The main advantage of this system is it allows us to score up to 10 points, keeping a wide variety of choice outcomes, and hopefully keeping us from having to randomize the prizes between many players.

This has been a learning experience for us, and next time we plan to do our best to get an accurate picture of the tournament before hand (assuming Riot is willing and able to help us on that end). We can never fully hope to model all that can happen during a tournament, but we will do our best to give everyone the fairest contest they can participate in.

RESULTS UPDATE: Congratz Aranhad, k3Eu, Janniga, PStyle, and Undeadxknight! You all had the top score of 7.

Current Tournament Results:
Epik Gaming
Team SoloMid
Current Round-robin Results:
Team Scores
Group A
Epik Gaming 3-0
aAa 2-1
FnaticMSI 1-2
Team Pacific 0-3
Group B
Team SoloMid 2-1
CLG 2-1
gamed!de 1-2
Xan 1-2
Current Contest Results:
Users by score
Score Users Percent Score Users Percent
11 0 0.00% 5 5 2.91%
10 0 0.00% 4 23 13.37%
9 0 0.00% 3 22 12.79%
8 0 0.00% 2 53 30.81%
7 5 2.91% 1 36 20.93%
6 4 2.33% 0 24 13.95%
1st 5 users tied
2nd n/a
3rd n/a